Youth Development International (YDI)

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The youth of any nation is the strength and future of that particular society. They represent the hope to come and they carry in them the seed for the continuity of a giving society. Their brightness is in their strength and their passion is in their zeal.

At the heart of the new generation's approach is a collaborative style that is getting smart young minds together. This is a central tenet of Youth Development International which helps young people around the world network and find out about worthy projects.

YDI is an international organization - led by youth and enabled by technology and connects youth to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and take action to improve their local and global communities.

YDI also works with global partners- major companies, and especially youth organizations in order to build the capacity of youth for development, support youth artistic and media expression, make education more engaging, and involve young people in global decision-making.

As an  organization, we will be involved in organising seminars, conferences, musical concerts, events, rallies etc, to motivate and inspire.

We will have as our cornerstones a positive education for mutual understanding and the belief that cultural diversity is enriched. 


We welcome you all to YDI world "where anything can happen..."

Benefit & Opportunities for Youth

  1. Building confident and self esteem
  2. Acquire rare skills
  3. Discover and harness talents and life vision
  4. Earn respect
  5. Stay connected with issues, meet people and widen network
  6. Preparing for leadership and responsibilty
  7. Access to useful information and resouces
  8. Get involve
  9. Sponsorship and awareness